Sensory friendly Special care Dental practices

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Ghousia Begum & Dr. Nyer Firdoose

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Why this course?


The Oral cavity is one of the most sensory regions of the human body. We bring to you a course on how to strike a balance and emphasis desensitizing of children with special needs, spectrum disorders, cleft and syndromic children, and children with challenging behaviors.

Daffodil health presents this course for Parents, Allied Health Professionals, and Doctors on Sensory-Friendly Special Care Dental Practices curated by Dr. Ghousia and Dr. Nyer Firdoose

Topics covered:

* Introduction to Oral Cavity
* Introducing Dental Operatory as a Multisensory world
* Creating a balance & desensitization of children with special needs conditions (ASD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Facial Clefts, Down's Syndrome, etc. along with children with challenging behaviors) & the ways to combat & behaviorally guide them in the Dental Operatory
* Importance of Pre-Feeding & Pre-Tooth Brushing Oro- Motor Stimulation.
* Advanced Oral Hygiene aids along with appropriate guidance in developing oral care as an important self-help skill in the daily activities of living.

About the speakers:

Dr. Ghousia Begum is a Pediatric Dentist (specialized in sensory-informed special care with palliative inclusive oral care).

Dr. Nyer Firdoose is a Faciomaxillary and oral surgeon.

Course Curriculum

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