Sensory Integration Therapy


Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Inayath Ulla, Pediatric Physiotherapist & Sensory Integration Therapist.

Why this course?


Parents of children with disabilities often have queries regarding the various types of therapies that their child is recommended to attend. Here is Dr. Inayath Ulla, a Pediatric Physiotherapist & Sensory Integration Therapist, answering all the frequently asked questions about Sensory integration therapies.

This talk on Sensory Integration Therapy covers various topics like:

  • What is sensory integration?
  • 7 types of senses
  • Types of sensory difficulties
  • Hypersensitivity, Hyposensitivity, Mixed sensitivities
  • Useful tips on how to handle unexpected reactions and tantrums
  • Role of therapies and parent involvement

This course can benefit professionals too, who are seeking to broaden their knowledge about Sensory Integration therapy.

Course Curriculum

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